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neighbours just act like watchmen sometimes and this is very intruding and irritating

Post anonymously?

They have nothing better to do
It’s irritating


I feel you dude.


haha we all feel that way. It is a real struggle.


It’s funny how relatable this post is for so many of us?


Ohh god so reletable, even i have a aunt in my neighbor and she can be seen anytime stalking like a camera. That sometimes make me feel doesn’t she have any other job to do. I don’t know may be she likes it that way …u know to see the society issues all time standing in a balcony. 
Ok but she is otherwise a nice aunt. ?


I can feel you. Neighbours keep watching us and have an eye here all the time. Especially aunts, they act as a camera and keep a watch on all of us. It’s really irritating for everyone and intruding too. I know many people around me who’s like this. 
The thing is ignore them.