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Need help from someone who is actually facing the same issue(or have gone through this)
Am 22 and i have a squint eye(crossed eye, strabismus) and am also blind with one eye.
Okay so there are many things and limitations which a person with a squint eye face throughout his life so as i am 22 here are some of my current problem with it
1)am just afraid of not having a person love me back (as a proper eye contact is required for it according to me and according to many out there)
2)i cannot date anyone (as it would be looking so weird for the other person)
3)i cannot have sexual relation with anyone (sorry to list this but i find it natural as everyone want to have sex at some point in there life (and am a virgin so yes i also have this urge lately)
4)peoples whom i talk look at my eyes and not what am trying to say or trying to express
Okay there are many other problems also but those 4 are some things disturbing me for now
Lastly i want to say :1) i cannot have a surgery as the doctor told me your eyes will again get back to being crossed as u are blind by one of the eye.
2)i dont want to visit a prostitute for my sexual urges
3) i have heard many lies from many peoples like u will find true love get positive etc etc and all but i know they are just some temporary lies to make me feel better and not straight facts.
4) i have many times came back from this negativity and start accepting it is what it is but then as life moves forward i get to understand how limited my life is
just so sad having this limited life am having
I will be beyond thankful if anyone reads this and try to help me out (or if u are not having this situation am having if u know any person having this try asking him to help me out)
Thankyou in advance if u are here to help

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Hi, I will be very honest to you. I am not going through this, but I want to share some things with you. Not to offer sympathy or anything, but just my point of view, if that matters to you, even though you did not really ask for it. Im a 22-year-old girl, so let me try to give you my ideas from the opposite gender view maybe.
- One of my friends, she has a squint & it really has never seemed to come in the way of making friends or dating boys. She has always been popular because of other things such as her intelligence and good personality etc.
She never brings up her squint in conversations and neither do we.
- Truth is, it might not be easy or straightforward for you to find a partner, but the truth is, it isnt easy for anybody. In your case, you think your squint, which is a physical attribute is holding you back. But for all of us, there is something or the other, physically or mentally that holds us back which we need to get over in order to fully commit ourselves to another person.
- Sexual urge is very normal as you said, and there is nothing wrong with sleeping with a prostitute if you so wish. Just practice safe sex.
I think my point with the entire thing is, your life can be the way YOU want it to be. Your squint will remain a drawback or a limitation as long as you allow it to be when it comes to interacting with other people. Probably you think it is easier for me to say this, but really it isnt. People are shamed for their body no matter what. Too fat, too skinny, too dark, too tall, too short夷t never ends. We have to find the inner strength and resolve in ourselves to accept ourselves first and then learn to love ourselves, and being able to say a big FUCK YOU to society & to everyone who is rude and doesnt want to accept us for who we are.


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