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Noor @nwr

My twin sister died from cancer last year. I Fought with her and I want to apologize to her so I called her and tell her that I missed her and I want to be with her in the hospital. She always does not let me see her in the hospital because she knows that I will be hurt of seeing her sick but this time she agreed. When I arrived, she was sleeping and before I could talk to her and apologize she passed away. The doctor opened her eye then he covered her face and it was scary. I was the first one who knows that she is gone. my mother came to the hospital and she tells me that my sister died in front of me because I did not treat her well. My sister always said that she loves me but sometime I feel my mother was right I am a terrible person. I feel like I could not live without her anymore. I don’t even enjoy anything anymore. Sometimes I get panic attack and I do not feel comfortable to talk with anyone about that.

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Hiii sweetie, first of all, I am so sorry your sister passed away. She’s in a much better place now and I promise you she’s liberated of all the pain. Second, please dont take your mom’s opinion seriously. She’s also devastated by the death of her daughter and when we’re upset, we look for things to blame stuff on. It’s not her fault and it’s not yours. Your sister passed away because her time had come. It’s only unfortunate that you were fighting at the moment. But you know what, even that’s okay because your sister forgives you. She loves you and she wants you to be happy. She does not want you to sulk or give up. She wants you to be a fighter and live the rest of your life happily and do things she couldn’t. Take care buddy. You didnt do anything wrong. Sending virtual hugs ❤

Noor @nwr

Thank you ❤


Anytime. I hope you’re feeling better and I hope you dont go through all these intense feelings alone. We’re here for you :)


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