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my test went horribly and now our teacher is going to be discussing the answers and then telling the names of students who got great marks and what makes me feel so bad is the fact that I used to be one of those students and now it’s like I can’t manage anything and I suck at everything

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Hey there, I know the feeling of suddenly not being “good”. But it doesn’t measure your worth nor does it define you and what you’re able to do and not do! Feeling discouraged is normal, but you can keep going on and giving the best you can :). We may stumble along the way, but we can always get back up after, I’m cheering for you!

Academic pressure sure is a bummer, but keep doing your best, you’ll eventually bear great fruits of your own! <3


What is more important to you? Your teacher’s opinion or what you think of yourself. Do things you love and work hard


These numbers doesn’t decide your future, but your outlook will. See it as a lesson not a failure ❤️. Give your best next time & all the best.


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