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My stepmother is seducing me from last 1 year but I am controling myself my father is a businessman he usually do field work in different cities what should I do please suggest me

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That’s upsetting bro, I don’t know if informing your dad is a good idea. Dunno if he will support you or think that you’re lying. The only way possible for you to talk to him is in private. Maybe if you ask him for some time and just explain all her action, without directly saying that she’s seducing you. Like in front of your dad, just try to inform him instead of accusing her because he may get all defensive because of that. And best to keep things amongst yourselves only instead of speaking to a third party till you haven’t spoken to your dad. ALSO, don’t let her know because she may just twist the story and say that you came onto her. Try to get to speak with your dad in private without her knowing. Also, how old are you? Because it is more concerning if you are a minor. In that case, you should file a complaint against her.


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