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My stepdad just came home , and he is drunk , again. I´m kinda used to it at this point but It stills bother me a lot . I just don´t feel good at home anymore and I´m always scared of him .

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I’m so sorry to hear that Anon. It’s not a good feeling at all. Anyone would feel the way you do. I wish you could talk to your mom about it (if you two were close)
or else you can only wait till you can move out and start your own life. This isn’t a great environment to be in. It’s not like it’s directly hindering anything but, unknowingly it really leaves an impact. I think maybe you could try to engage yourself in community activities if you’d like that. It’ll keep you busy and give a positive direction to your life. Volunteering at shelters or joining some clubs or activities you like, trust me that’s the best thing ever. If I have any good memories of school, it is from all the extra-curricular activities I used to participate in.


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