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My situation is…many time I deal with all the stupidity going around me
Seriously all the stupidity…
But sometime I react very aggressive
…sometime I just want to sit alone …I HV my own room nobody comes in …
Soooo almost 70% time I like to be alone … totally alone
But sometime I want to talk to someone Nd then there is nobody…literally I don’t remember last time when I talk face to face
Laugh with someone, or just normal chit chat.
I can’t deal with my emotions

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Hey @saurabh2020, I totally get you. And sometimes the only way to break out of the funk is when somebody else intervenes. But that doesn’t always happen and we have to push ourselves to be around the people we love, whoever that might be. I think what you are doing here is a great step towards that. We all need human connection from time to time. If there are any friends you think you can reach out to, do that, it’ll be wonderful. We can’t always deal with our emotions alone, and being able to talk about them can help. You can talk about them here too if you want, I’ll try my best to give my inputs if you need them…


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