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My sister went through an abortion a few years back. She had to get it done because she was suffering from medical conditions at the time which was going to hinder the development of the baby. It was a difficult decision for her but she did what was correct for her and the baby. She’s a happy mother of one now.

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I don’t think any abortion really should be construed as a negative one. This one particular case was for medical reasons but whatever the reason an abortion is an elective procedure. People can get abortions because they don’t want to be pregnant like there’s no positive or negative narrative about an abortion. It simply is. An abortion is the most positive thing ever. It tells people you get laid (which makes you normal), you have brains because we don’t need more humans on this planet and I don’t think I need a third here. I’ve said my piece


I think it’s so important to highlight the different narratives around abortion, specially since it seems to have gained a really bad reputation. This helps others identify with how it is necessary in most situations, and shouldn’t be seen in the negative light that it is. It is important to consider the overall implications and the after effects of the pregnancy.

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