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My sister. My sister is a lot older then me. She went to an ivy league school. She’s always had good grades. Friend’s. People who love her. And I’m here. She’s my half sister. We share the same mom with different dad’s. I’m starting to think that our mom and my dad like and love her more. I do too.

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That’s not true. Often there is an over-protectiveness over first-borns. Also, as kids grow older, they develop more of a friendship with their parents, the bond changes that way. So, perhaps that’s all this is. Maybe since you’re younger, they’re still stricter and more concerned about basic things like your education and character development, which, in your sister’s case is more or less complete. So they feel at ease with her for that reason maybe!

If you have a close relationship with your sister, and if you feel like you can trust her, then definitely try talking to her about it. Maybe that will really help!


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