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My sem just got over and I am in my much happened in just 2months, my friends whom I thought to be genuine and good turned out to be bitiching about me.and my boyfriend who was very loving and took care of me really nice started to lose interest in me because I couldn’t prioritise between bestfriend and boyfriend.for me it took a lot of courage to get into relationship and I really love him now so does he but he is hurt, I get it. He became really bad so he asked let’s take no contact one year Break so that we can focus on ourselves and we will return and if ur still waiting for me then and if I still love u we will get back and make it work. So now no friends no relationship I need to work on myself and stand strong in front of him.but I really miss him. How do I not be in contact with him for a year when I see him everyday life how do I do do I work on myself.will I be able to do it.

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1 year is very long period…keep it short


It’s fine, maybe he wants some space too, and u need it too, just focus on yourself as of now, by the time the break term gets over u will bemore stronger and don’t let him go away again, now u will have to prove yourself to him that how much you love him, Be strong girl ,don’t worry, I’m in the same situation as you,
It’s okay to cry sometimes, come over here share it, and get back to work

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