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My relationship has always been a little rocky for 2020 but now my overthinking has taken over all of it. I constantly feel like he’s not interested or he’s interested in someone else. And he hasn’t done anything to make that happen- it’s just my head. I feel like I’m picking up unnecessary signals from him with his coworker- who knows me and is a lovely person, btw. He takes pictures of her, he’s listening to her playlist, she comments cute under his Instagram. When I add logic, this all seems dumb. But currently I’m just so low thinking what is happening. Him not texting for hours sometime also adds to my overthinking. I’m not sure what to do to control my thoughts.

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Please try to talk to him about this calmly if it’s something that it is bothering you. Don’t blame him but try to talk it out. It might clear out your questions and worries


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