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My parents. They should be the most reliable people in my life. They should be the ones that I trust the most. They should be one of the first people who I tell everything. But they’re not. They are the ones who make me feel bad in every possible way. They make my life harder every day. When we argue they never let me talk to my friends because they think it’s gonna help and I’m never going to talk to them in a bad way. The only problem is that a teenager won’t learn from something like that. In my opinion they need something that isn’t connected to their friends. Because for me my friends are the ones who I trust and I’d literally take a bullet for them. They can always understand my feelings. But my parents think that if I’m at home then I’m gonna change and we are never going to argue. But the thing is that it never helped and I don’t think it will.

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Poeticpunk @sprinkle

Just stay strong . Time heals .
It can very hard with ununderstanding / toxic parents …there’s is nothing but to stay strong


Thank you sm


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