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My parents started fighting since yesterday. It started with my father making a joke on my maternal family which my mother did not appreciate ( and before too when he did that she had told him that she does not appreciate it ) and so heated words were exchanged. In the exchange my mother said somethings regarded his mental health ( about his depression history ). So my father started acting out particularly like a maniac. He even posted a story saying that he is madman along with his picture in social media. I am really scared about the outcomes of his behaviour and itโ€™s effects on my younger brother whose merely 13 .

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Parents are only humans, just like you and me. More often than not, we put them on such a high pedestal and expect them to be perfect personalities. They are equally capable of being hurtful, getting offended and feeling angry.

Now that this entire thing has subsided, gently go to your dad and tell him to remove the post from social media.


As @sparkle said ask him politely to remove that post from social media and tell him to stop dragging family issues into social networking sites.

Even that to not happen then reply to me I have alternative ๐Ÿ˜‚


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