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My parents never had a pleasant relationship. There had been good times but mostly bad ones. Just today I listened the conversation of my mother and grandmother that my father had said that just after me and my sister are married, he will divorce my mother …

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Bhavya @superb_boy

Disheartened to know. 🥺
Usually in earlier times parents hadn’t even seen the faces of their partner they are going to get married or they are not compatible with each other and divorce is not a usual practice then so they just had sex and living together but not loving or in actually dislike each other. They are living together only for the sake of their children.


You can’t decide what they want to do but you can try to change the direction.
Talk to them, if possible, and try to convince them.


It might be tough for you I understand how hurting that would be. Please stay strong don’t worry let’s wish they will be happy


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