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My parents make me do Sunday School. At church, that putrid church! They seem to alienate Catholics from every other religion. I hate it! They also tell us to do things we don’t want to do because Jesus died for us and we owe him. I told my mom I didn’t want to be Catholic and she began to cry.

I am having a battle with my religion. I don’t want to pray nightly, or do church, or have religion forced on me. I’ve gotten into the habit of saying five prayers everynight.
I hate Jesus. The only reason he’s special is because his daddy is famous. Like, for real, why do I have to believe in people we have little proof actually exist?


my life is wonderful, i have nothing to complain about.

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Post anonymously?

Someone recently told me this:
“I personally feel that religion is a work of science. We owe our scientific progress to religion because such progress wouldn’t have been possible without large scale collaboration and nothing aligns people better than religion.”

And read this in a book:

Once there is the suspicion that a religion is a myth, its power has gone. It may be necessary for man to have a myth, but he cannot self-consciously prescribe one as he can mix a pill for a headache. A myth can only “work” when it is thought to be truth, and man cannot for long knowingly and intentionally “kid” himself.

So, you can probably see why people needed religion.
It doesn’t mean It should be forced.

I don’t know if this information can help you or not! I’m sorry if it doesn’t.


Dear Anonymous,
It did a little! At least I don’t have to go to the church due to the virus. Just wish it was a different reason.


Hi, I can relate to you a little. Im an atheist, and people often act like religion is the ‘must be’ and the norm. We are often just barely thriving in silence and forced to act like them because we lose our jobs or are bullied. The discrimination is horrible and no one should force another to do things they don’t believe in. I honestly hope you can talk to someone about it, things shouldn’t be this way. Hang in there, religious people can lose touch with what’s important and how they treat others.


Dear nightshade,
Thank you. I want to punch those dummies who fire and bully aetheists. People are just fabricated under this belief that a nice guy from Israel is their Lord. I repeat, the only reason he’s famous is due to his famous daddy. His mother became famous due to her rapist.
How else could she be pregnant?
I hope you overcome those blob heads that don’t accept you. The jerks in life who decided they are better than you because you’re not like them are someday going to die down…I hope.

Best of luck.