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My parents driving me crazy. They are scolding me for all. If I sit it’s wrong… If I talk it’s wrong… If I stand it’s wrong… I tried to explain my worries to them. But they are not getting me. They used to say that they didn’t do anything wrong. They are not accepting the fact that I’m hurt inside. I’m feeling like an orphan in my own house with dad mom and bro. I don’t know what to do. Is there a solution or I have to live with pain forever. I think they are considering me like a product for future marriage. Good product (good looking) with good label(good name from this insane society). I hate that. I’m living their life in my body. They are considering the societies opinion first than my opinion. I know that I do have only one life and I want to be happy. But I couldnt bcoz of their mentality. Please tell me what I have to do… To live a peaceful life.

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Dude…move out …get a job
Same situation with me…Nd in my case I don’t HV sibling
…I decided to get a job asap…thn never look back …
Never ever


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