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My parents don’t care about me at all. Unless I get bad grades, they do care about that for sure. I don’t get low grades most of the time, I don’t even study. I think it is the fear of failure. I hate failing at anything I do. They don’t take me to the doctor when I am sick. If I am really sick and I tell them that I can’t go to school like that, it is because I am lazy and spoiled. My mom told me that I was extremely overweight. I had weight 50 kilograms and was about 170 cm tall at the time. I starved myself for days and weeks. Only after I had weight 44-45 kilograms and was starting to struggle because of my weight she took me to the doctor. Even my classmates made fun of me because I was so thin. I had problems with the kids at my school, and it was bad. When I told my parents about it, they blamed me. When I was going to tell the guidance counselor about it, someone made up a rumour about me and I didn’t even have to explain myself. They once had a talk where they stated that they never wanted to have me, they regretted having me and that they should have known that it was obvious that I wouldn’t grow up to be a good child. My dad just today told me that I should die. My parents don’t care about me, my classmates don’t care about me, my teachers don’t care about me, then who does? Its not like I have a life outside of home and school. Even if I had, it wouldn’t last long because it would either make me or my parents unhappy. What do I do?

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Honey, you were sent here, on this planet because you have a role to play. Either you are here to play the role of a helper, or you’re here to receive help. What I Believe is that parenting requires a lot of effort and our parents are not that capable. You don’t have to believe everything they say or what someone else says about you. The creator of this whole universe has given you this brain and body to put it to good use not to beat yourself up about people treating you badly.
One thing that helped me get over all these things was that I was patient.
Never lose hope. Hope is all I had. Never think too small of yourself. You are here to achieve great things and you will. Some people are just not smart enough to notice the potential in you. And it’s okay. Life is never fair and it will never be. You’ll always have to create that comfort for yourself by doing whatever you can for yourself. We all have our bad days but good days will come too. Just believe in the power of time.

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anuj @anujvohra

Hey, you have a long way to go…just relax yourself and focus on yourself. go for a walk, play sports…you have a bright life ahead

. @storyofclouds

Ooh don’t worry yaar. Your trying very hard ig. Don’t think too much i know it’s not possible thou.
Parent problem huh. Well it must be hard for you dear. Take it easy if you can cause even if you try harder people will still find something to talk about on your back, it’s just natural dear.
Your parents or anyone’s at all ,They don’t know anything yaar . To be exact no one knows anything yaar.
They are just some people with a concreat mind . They have already decided what’s good and what’s bad .
They just live according to it without questioning anything!.
How old are you ,if i may know?
Knowing everything is not possible but they think they know!. Just like
There’s more to it than it seems or
There’s more to see outthere than we have ever seen!.
And ha don’t be someone as someone else expects you to be . Be yourself!. You have just started this adventure ma child! You have so much MYSTERIES! yet to unfold.
Ha and also don’t make me laugh dear 😂 . who told you so huh.
Who told you that you don’t have a lyf outside your home and school.

    Do you know something yaar!. Your parents they just don't know how to love you cause they haven't been loved i guess. It's time to severe that route! 
       Why do you think your here!.

Your here to love yourself and grow ma boi , it takes effort to do so nah jst the first step. it isn’t much harder after that first step.
It’s the choice you make. It’s your choice dear!.

People they are complex things you know , including you and me!.

People sometimes hate each other for no apparent reasons or may be for thier on reasons. It may be a simple thing yet they hate each other we all do at certain times.

Hating and being anger is in this species nature but so is love!.
         I do hate people and get angry at them from time to time but 
         I don't carry them u see

You have to leave things at times carrying it will only make you exhausted yaar!

So wait for this world of mysteries to bring you a new dawn of adventures!
Be here to unfold them!.
Be here to show the ones who couldn’t see them by themselves!

I will be here 😌
                         So accompany! me. 

Until then.✨ -(yourfriend)

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Now&Me @nowandme

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