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My parents are not ready to be supportive at all. i am preparing for an exam in which the competition is so high that even if im the best in my class, i still have 99.6% chance of being rejected. its practically one of worlds toughest exam in this field. everytime i sit for a class or sit to do my homework, i see the level to which i have to reach and get VERY stressed instantly. But my parents are not being supportive, when i need them to be at the most. Because of this preperation, ive sacrificed my friendship with everyone, sacrificed all my passions, sacrificed sleep and now am sacrificing my health for my own future. My whole body aches continuously due to sitting for long time, i dont get time to exercise. I sleep for less than 6 hours a day, eat my lunch and dinner during classes so i have more time to study. And thats only my physical health. dont even get me started on the mental one. And all my parents do is mock and yell at me. They never gave such an exam and dont undertsand the seriousness and mental pressure of this. They keep disturbing me when i study knowing that i have problems with focussing. when i wake up cranky sometimes because of sleeping late they shout back at me when im only minding my own business. This exam will define who i am, what my future holds and where i really stand. I fail this exam, i will fail at life.
“the lockdown was an opportunity to bond with parents” Absolute. Bullshit.

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Simran @st1199

I can understand. Parents sometimes aren’t supportive and they don’t understand the level of tension in our mind but wants us to study more and just say you have to get this without asking us how we are? How are we holding up? Right?
I am with you.

What I do is and you can try too, I don’t listen to them. They say I ignore because then my mind is at peace which I want basically. Just studying for 10hrs so that it looks you have studied very much is not reasonable. If you study for 5hrs with full concentration, its much better than those 10hrs of sitting and wasting half time.
Take breaks in between as it helps your mind to process it again in a better manner. Study for 2hrs straight, take half an hour break and study again. Make a Schedule. Take out time for yourself because after all the study, you would want to relax, because you deserve it, Yes? :)
Exercise is important for the body and if that’s healthy you and your mind is too. Take atleast 30min out to workout, see videos from YouTube or Instagram, iI would suggest is to PAY for it since then you would have the obligation to do it everyday and it will help you in the long run.

Lastly, everything works if you believe in yourself and your Hardwork. By being negative and thinking just because it’s a hard exam I won’t be able to crack it, then why to work only towards it if you already gave up? Instead, work hard, give your best everyday and the rest is not in our hands. Some days we feel like not studying and that’s okay. We too need a day or two off and have fun and watch movies/Netflix/play. If I give my best, and don’t get something (it has happened), I say something else is waiting for me and my hard work will pay in other manner. Be Positive in life, it’ll make you achieve greater heights.


Thank you so much for this… Will surely try out these amazing suggestions:)

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Simran @st1199

Please do and let me know if it helped you in any way. :)


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