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My New Job is Making Me Miserable!

I have recently joined an ad agency after moving back to my hometown. The kind of experience I had before was different from the scenario here. The company is small and there are only 3 other writers in the department. Every morning I wake up anxious I blank out even outside work while doing simple tasks and somedays I am okay but the other days I feel very low and depressed. I don’t like the way the company operates I feel threatened and under pressure always. I don’t have a boss too I report to the founder who always diverts the conversation when I am trying to raise an issues. What do I do in this scenario, I am unable to handle the crazy workload and I feel like I will be fired anyway. Do I stay or do I leave? My colleagues are telling me it’s worse out there in this field maybe give it a few months and see but I don’t even have it in me to get through a week in this company. Please help.

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anuj @anujvohra

Try to see if it’s the work load you are worried about or you are not feeling good within you. If the problem is outside, decide and take a call. If the problem is something else, work on yourself. Try to write it down and see what’s bothering u more. Yes job conditions are tough. If you are directly connected with owner, it’s better rather than working with some boss. Take some time to notes these triggers and set it.

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Aadrita B. @aadrita_borah

Very good suggestions, Sir.


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