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My Name is Om, I am From nashik, a city in state of Maharashtra, India.
I was a bright student till 10th grade, but after that I felt a bit uneasy with me.
Every friend of mine were enjoying their lives with full good experiences, whereas I am stuck with Family issues and Max.Financial issues. Anything I needed I never got, but my mother did everything to fulfill my study and fees need.
After 10th, I was unable to do things, unable to find my way to a particular field of interest, the only thing I had was art and Architecture.
I didn’t chose art,(but it was my dream to become artist),
But family insisted me to do a degree, so I took architecture (B.Arch).
Till now not too much money is spender by me, I had 80 % consession on fees due to higher grades in entrance exam.

Currently, in second year of B.arch.
I met my school friends yesterday, one of them was giving Birthday party at McDonald’s,
I felt a bit left out in the group
Nobody talked to me the way everyone talked with me before.
But they are my best friends so it’s probably ok, no problem.

They had good cloths, good bikes, they were talking about how they took new bikes, or cars, or how they’re investing in share and all.
While I was just sitting there listening. to them. I am fool I think.
They have money, I don’t,
They have everything, I have nothing.
Nobody talked to me the whole time.

Money money money is the important for everything. My family issues have also led my behavior to irritative,
My health is also getting bad,

I get lost sometimes, lost with nothing but fear of failure in future

I am getting too much anxious I don’t know what i am thinking, getting complex with burdens on head
I don’t know what to do,
Is there someone here to talk wit me.

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Hareet Narhan @hareetn

Hey Om,
I’m Hareet, let’s talk about the friends, material things shouldn’t define a friendship, those who are worth keeping around don’t need anything but you and your happiness.

I understand the fear of failure, because I ended up switching from my Bachelors of Science to Bachelors of Arts halfway through my degree and I’m scared that I won’t make my family proud. But what I have learned over the last year is to embrace it. Use that fear to keep pushing yourself until you are happy with where you are.

Some strategies I use when I get anxious is writing things down in a journal, any emotion you are feeling, it usually helps me clear my head.

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Simran @st1199

Your friends will love you even in your hard times and those who don’t aren’t your best friends. Being around people who motivates you, helps you, encourages you are the true ones. Always rememeber this. Your surrounding with the type of people matters the most.

If you compare yourself with others and how they have everything but you don’t will lead to disappointment. Your family is going through a hard time and big millionaires and celebrities faced a hard time due to financial crisi or having less resources available before achieving success. But what did they do? Complained about the fact that they don’t have something or to accept and work my life through the things I have? The latter part is what they believed in and their hardwork made them what they are today.
You will too. Don’t stop doing Art and carry it beside your degree. You will not feel that you have gave up on your interest and dream of becoming an Artist. :)

Money can’t buy happiness. A very famous quote you should abide buy. Yes, it does fulfill your desires and necessity but being satisfied with what one has and feeling happy to do something matters the most. Everything else falls in place with time. Have patience and believe in yourself and stay positive.


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