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My mother just got diagnosed with Arthritis. She stays so sad all the time now. She used to be a happy woman, I dont know why this happened with her. She is so low and upset and dull these days.

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You will have to be there for her. Support and love her through everything. Be her pillar of strength :)

Aarohi @aarohi

Be her strength. She needs that. She might not show it but she does need it.


My mother suffers from the same and I hate to tell you but it’s not really curable. Although it can be maintained , tell her consult an orthopedic on what exercise she should and shouldn’t do . You’ll have to be there for her , waiting for her while she walks slow or applying ointment to her joints , little things like that will make her happy . I hope she gets better . Sending all the love and positive vibes your way :)


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