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My mother is an angel. While she doesn’t discriminate between me and my brother consciously I sometimes feel like she does so without knowing herself.
And it isn’t anything big either for instance she keeps on calling for my brother the entire with cute nicknames " (his petname~) come have mango" etc and he’s doesn’t even respond with a single yes/no remains cooped up in his room and when I had a stomach ache plus nausea she didn’t even come to the kitchen to find me an antacid. Sometimes when he is teasing me or troubling me she laughs it off saying he’s joking and when I do the same she’s so quick to scold is a very small thing I know but I cannot help it today! Maybe it’s just me overthinking and reading too much into it. Idk…

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Hey, I don’t think that the signals you are picking up on are wrong. And there literally has to be no correlation between how nice your mum is vs how these tiny incidents happen. As you’ve written yourself, she probably has no idea that she is acting like that and that there might be some sort of bias she might be having.
Not to worry. Sometimes, as kids, it is our job too, to discuss and educate our parents because they might have certain conditioning growing up too. Try talking to her openly about how you feel, and maybe she really starts warming up to what you are trying to tell her, because initially she might say no no i love you both equally, you are mistaken. But later, she might start to observe her own behaviour and realise. Worth a shot I guess?!?


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