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My mother has a habit of questioning my happiness. She is working so i have the time slot of talking to any friend during that time slot when she comes back hime and see talking to anyone pta nhi kya ho jata hai. Mein kahi bhi bahar jau usmein bhi dikkat hai vo ek cheez hoti haina shakal pr dikh jata hai bs wahi hota hai. Mein kisi se bhi baat kru toh unhe problem hoti hai this is one of the reasons i don’t have friends. Mujhe nhi pta ye kb tk chalega or

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Kanak @ana02


Same. My mother is a narcissistic. She ain’t working though, she stays at home, I do all the household chore πŸ™„. Still she is like kuch kaam nahi krti h and all.
She doesn’t allow me to receive my friends call, she disconnect the call as soon as the name pops up.
I totally understand what you are going through.


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