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My mother can’t accept that I’m gay. She condemns me and I think she doesn’t want me as her daughter anymore. 😔

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Heyyy be strong …
Your mom may need some time …
All the social norms must be stopping her from accepting who u are …
Give her some time and talk to her about it and make her understand
I know you will be going through lot… To accept and change she needs time (maybe)


Time heals everything. Give her time. It’s hard for people to accept things which are “Not Ok” in their dictionary at once. You know it takes lot of courage to open up on such things and you did it. You are a really strong girl. Just keep up ur hope and be strong the way you are…I am sure…things will change for good soon and you will make it happen.


Try to spend more time with her, she’ll come to see that you’re the same person irrespective of that fact. If she doesn’t, you need to move on with your life. Maybe she’ll understand maybe she won’t , but you shouldn’t be guilty for being what you are. It’s a hard task to make everyone happy. Try to be happy yourself first. I hope she accepts you. Stay strong…


you need enormous courage to accept the fact. You are strong as well as brave,you have confronted it.
you have dealt with yourself so dealing with your mom is not the big issue at all. Give her some time .Once she discern the fact that u are more important than social reforms, she will back.
Embrace yourself buddy!!