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My mother calls me stupid a lot when I mess up something. She also occasionally calls me fat and useless. My brother sometimes calls me dumb. Is this normal? 🙁

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Can’t say for sure. It’s pretty normal, actually. Depends on what kind of a relationship you have with your mother and brother respectively. My mom and I fight a lot, but it is mostly in a healthy spirit. But usually, when something feels hurtful, you shouldn’t neglect that feeling. And perhaps tell them how you feel about it? Because it may be all fun and games in the beginning, but sometimes things said can hurt, you know? And maybe the other person doesn’t realise that. So, maybe you can tell them that once, and after that also if they’re not sensitive to it, then it’s wrong, then you shouldn’t listen to it.


In my opinion I do not think it’s normal or healthy coming from a mother .There’s a difference between playing around and put downs. If your brother is younger that is normal behavior and I would try to ignore it :) as far as your mother goes you should talk to her … let her know her words hurt your feelings.


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