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My most concerned thoughts:
1. I am in love with my best friend. He too feels the same during initial days. But somehow he managed to forget everything and acts like nothing happens for few months. Again he came back and said me that he likes me but due to some family problems he is not ready to proceed. He is not settled till now. I am praying daily for his settlement. I don’t know whether he is good to me or not but i feel happy when I speak to him. If things don’t go well. He is ready to let go off . I am not ready to this. He says many reasons. I even don’t understand the reasons he says sometimes. It’s been 4 years the same thing happening. He comes to me talks to me and leave alone all off suddenly. Me on the other side crying, begging him, not living happily my life.
2. I am an introverted kinda person. I am not interested in the job which I am doing currently. All this heart achings and everything makes me miserable. I can’t even concentrate on anything. I can count my happy days since 4 years.I want to live my life peacefully and happily. I don’t know how it happens.

Post anonymously?

he is not settled thats why may be he becomes unable to give you a constant care or attention.i think it happens with guys that they feel like they be sufficient enough to provide for her needs(i might be wrong here, may be its just my thought) and may be thats why he is ready to let go because nobody knows what future holds.
or may be he doesnt care for you at all and he is just messing with your time(if he is not having any such enough problems)
i cant advise about right or wrong here because i think its upto you,you know better of yourself better.
neither other activities should overrun work nor work should overrun other activities and work should be kept out from other human activities,you love your work so just be in it completely until you be in it.


By mistake. Actually I don’t like the work I am doing now.
Also the problems he quotes seems genuine.


so start doing something that you like.


I think the above one said it right might be thinking about career and settlement so that he can give u good life style.

Remember your job isn’t who you are.
Pinpoint what you’re unhappy about.
When a person reveal they’re unhappy at work, nine times out of 10, work isn’t even the issue. Might be the real problem is at home. So U have to fix ur relationship problem anyhow.

There are so many people out there who doesn’t have job due to Corona covid .and u are one of lucky girl who is in job in this stressful period.you are so blessed .so have gratifaction toward it.

Do reply some day if u guys became couple .🙂