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My mom threatened me with a huge knife when I was a kid and hit me everyday. I was so scared of her that I couldn’t even talk about my tuition teacher who m***sted when I was 13. When I brought this up today, she says I’m over dramatic and make a scene out of everything. I was wearing inappropriate clothes was her conclusion. I was wearing a salwar suit with a ridiculously thick dupatta. I have 2 more incidents as such and never spoke about those. I don’t think I will ever talk about that again. I’m a single mother. She taunts me that I’m divorced because I voice out my opinions and being a womean should keep my mouth shut. When a woman doesn’t have the freedom of talking about her issues to her mom then where would she go.

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Ap bahut himmat wali ho jo apne ye sab jhela aur agar apki mom apke support mai nahi rehti hai to sorry lekin apko unse dur thora rehna padega kyu ki ek beti apne maa ke sath sab share krti hai aur taunt to marna nahi chahiye kyu ki isse apko bhi takleef aur mind pr prabhav padega ye unhe sochna chahiye unhe apke sath khara rehna chahiye aur wahi bahar walo jaisa behave krr rahi hai…


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