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My mom is weird.
She keeps saying I’m good for nothing. She keeps degrading me all the time. I’m a medical student. She keeps saying when I become a doctor I won’t be able to perform my duties, since I’m so lazy I’ll keep on sleeping all day long. What bothers me is the fact that I have come so far and I have worked so hard to be where I am, but she never acknowledges this and keeps saying that I’m very lazy and don’t know how to do anything. Regarding house chores, she never lets me cook or make anything in kitchen, saying you will ruin everything. I mean if she will not let me try or ruin every thing at first, how am I going to learn??? She says I’m very dumb and don’t know how to perform house chores, okay I get it… I’m not good with house chores. It’s cause I was focusing on my studies this whole time. I live in a hostel, I have lived in hostel for quite a long time for my studies, and you know medical studies are so tough, I work so hard to pass but when I come home she says that I don’t study and passing in medical is such an easy task. I’m not the type of person who creates drama all the time but the least I expect from her is to atleast acknowledge my hardwork I have been doing this whole time… I keep getting called dumb and good for nothing all the time. I’m so fed up, all my friends see my potential except for my own mother. She puts me into depression and gives me an inferiority complex. Today I said something she said β€˜isi liye tum kisi ko bhaati nhi ho kyun k tum esi baaten krti ho’. What she just said is… Everyone hates you cause you are like this. How am I supposed to digest the fact that everyone hates me??? I’m a human too, I sometimes deserve to be treated with kindness as well. I sometimes need a fling appreciation as well. I don’t know what to do… Are all parents like this??

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πŸ₯Ί trust me im crying at one point, see not every parents were like this, but yeah i can understand uh are also a human being and expects a good treatment, but let be buddy, she is your mom, ultimately i dont think any of the parent in this universe think bad for their child, so kah rhi h kahne do, or jitne acche se uh explained it hear, waise hi explain karo unhe saath bethke, rest im a really really good spokesperson to i can help uh out too if uh dont mind, i tell her about evrything uh feel as a friend of yours, maybe this works πŸ™‚


This is a sign that yr parents are strict and u would surely be hardworking and successful in future bcoz ur parents have not acknowledging everytime u did something good
Why r u taking it negatively
Take it positively
It happens with me too . Dont wait for someone’s wishes or acknowledgements. Just do yr part
Parents never acknowledge u for some small good things but they r happy from inside they want to see best in u which is yet to come in future . Otherwise u will get overconfident in it
And let me tell u if yr friends relativand especially neighbors are acknowledging u then it is only bcoz ur mother is telling them about yr achievements. This harsh behavior is only inside house not infront of others
And why u have to make learn food u r becoming a doctor if u earm lalhs in month why to cook
Keep on studying khana to maid bhi bna degi 😜


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