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My mom has a kidney failure and need to do dialysis 3 times a week and my Dad he is a delivery man, he is old that sometimes he can’t walk because of the pain.

I really want to help them because I know what they’d come thru. I know what sacrifices they did for us. To study in good and private schools.

But because I am still jobless they said I’m not helping them. I’m sorry if I’m an idiot for not passing interviews. I’m sorry if I’m not good enough. I’m sorry because I’m not a perfect daughter.

We are so poor. That’s why my parents are mad at me for not having a job.

It’s hard to find a job during the pandemic! I’m only 19 years old. Do they think I’m happy that I’m JOBLESS?!

I want to go to college and have a good life like my friends. That’s why I want to earn money but because I’m a FUCKING IDIOT! I can’t be accepted. I don’t have a fucking skills.

I want to help them and return all the things they’d given to me, but sometimes I want to give up on them also because on how they treat me.

They treat me not as a daughter but a slave.

I hope I had a better family.

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Simran @st1199

I hope and pray that your family becomes stronger than before. Hard work always pays off :). Somethings should be left on God as he is the one who will guide you.

In this pandemic everyone is facing financial crisis because it has become such a situation and companies are revoking offers or laying off employees because of their business crisis. It is absolutely fine to not have a job for the time being.
Also, since you mentioned being 19 years old, how can you land up a job if you are in college? You can get an internship but it isn’t necessary that it has to be paid. For this, you can check out “LinkedIn”.

You are not an idiot. You think this way because you are exposed to think this. Someone who felt this way and wants to help her parents and has a good understanding of what struggle looks like, can you be an idiot? NOPE.
Write down your strengths and weaknesses and work towards them. Everyone has something in them, they just need to dig deeper and come forward with it. You too will. Just stay calm and think positively and half the struggle is achieved.


Thank you! It means a lot! Stay Safe 🙂

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Simran @st1199

No problem! :)

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Ana Banach @johnthejohn

Dear ell,
What idiot would rant about her terrible life? Only smart people do that. Those evil idiots need a new perspective. I saw your other post. You said you wanted to be a performer. Post some songs on YouTube! You’ll be noticed and you’ll have more support.

Best of luck


Thank you! Stay Safe 🙂

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Ana Banach @johnthejohn



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