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My mom found her happiness in gambling back in 2018. It was my worst year, i thought i was going to do suicide soon. Having to watch your mom change from being the sweet and caring person to someone who continously abuse my emotion. I couldnt take it. We were once pretty well off, we had our struggle but we were doing fine but after 2018, all we have is debt. She even go as far to sell the car. After that she came and beg us for forgiveness. We all love her so much and want nth more for thing to just turn back to the way it use to be. It hasnt been 5 months yet and now it seem like she’s going to the casino again. the nightmare that i thought would never haunt me again finally come back. It seem that i cant see anything in front of me. I feel so boiled up that i end up here. It frustrated because i cant talk to my friend about this issue so i let it out here. Please tell me what should i do

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I just want you to know that addiction is addiction. Be it gambling, alcoholism, drugs or anything else. The person who is addicted doesn’t understand how far deep they are in it. There is no shame in accepting that because it is very real. You have to think of her as someone who has a very real problem. Almost in a way that they can’t get a hold of their usual self when they’re addicted. So, the only way to help her is to get her some help. Understand that there isn’t anything you can do personally. You can get her to join a support group. Or take her to a therapist if possible, or any means of help that exist to help her come out of it. There’s nothing more to it, don’t worry about it. It’s a problem and it has a solution. Just think of it like that.


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