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My marriage is on june 21 2021. But i have no interest. I dont feel great about the marriage. I cant stop it now and i dont want it to happen. I feel stressed out. I feel like dying 😭😭😭😭. Lost all hope.

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Shiney @shelly123

Listen still you have alot of time … Go and had a chat with your parents about it don’t spoil your life like this … Everything is in your hand right now you can do good for yourself build some guts and have a healthy conversations with your parents regarding your feelings tell them that you can never be happy with this relationship go and stop the things before the time flies by …

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May be you family is orthodox or male dominated family but still everything is your hands.

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See there are two more months. I know that in our kind of families like they be like ijjat and all.
But think do you wanna live a life regretting that you still had time but couldn’t do anything.
You know you can do this so you got this.
What could be worse. They would scold you and tell you about the chaar log wala dialogue let it be.
People will talk about it for a bit and then will forget. Don’t let your life be ruined like this please


They have already spent a lot of money for this marriage. I feel guilty as if i am cheating them.

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Money will come back but life won’t. How would your parents feel when they would get to know that you are not happy in this marriage.
Money Will come back. Have a better job and pay them if you feel too guilty.
From my suggestion you have to cancel this. There is a feeling in your heart that saying that the marriage isn’t right then don’t do it.
If you have a marriage then you have divorce maybe it would be worse .
I think you are capable and mature enough to make the decision now .
Take the control and think and then do it. Everything will be fine.


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