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My manager and I always seem to have a rift between us. He never understands my point of view. He wants everything to be done according to him. It’s like i am not even a human being whose opinions can atleast be taken into consideration?

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I used to face similar problems at my workplace. I went and spoke to my manager about it very kindly. Fixed a formal meeting and then had a word with him about this. It really helped. Do try

Monika @monika

I understand. It is the most pissing off thing ever and you can’t shout back or react back because it’s not your place to do that. I wish these managers were more understanding.

Khushboo @khushboo

Everyone faces same problem at workplace. Superiors and bosses don’t even listen to us. But please try to explain them deeply. If your ideas are better enough, they will definitely listen. All the best.


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