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Long Distance RelationshipThought


My love for her is enough to let her go.
I won’t stop her if she would ready to leave me. My love is true and I know it, it is not necessary that she would me mine I know that too. Whenever she wants she can leave me I won’t utter a single word I am never into a love which should be done forcefully because one day or other it will tear you apart and make you suffer more. She is real love to me. I am really not one of those guys who can replace her love with an aonther new girl.
No other girl can take her place, not in this life atleast.

Might be I can be in a relationship after she leave me but still there would be no that kind of attachment, feelings and emotion.

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Hope @cureplace

such a pure love, you are amazing.


You would be perfectly fine bro…you’ll live, enjoy, love, laugh through heart, believe me… I heard Time heals everything


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