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My long distance girlfriend ignoring me for weeks already and i had to break it up. Im sick of this, i dont want to be desperate waiting for her

I left her without a explanation because she ignored me first. Am i doing the wrong thing?


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Well bud, prolly you should confront her or listen to her side of the story too. If everything still bothers you or doesn’t make any difference in ur relationship prolly u should leave her and let her know that you’re done with her.


I think you should talk to your girlfriend once because jumping to a conclusion is not good for any relationships, a healthy conversation is a must. And, ignorance will only create more issues into your relation. Better talk and than make a right decision. Goodluck.

Dude, you should have waited to hear her side too. But anyways, what’s done is done.


Maybe you did something wrong in the first place and this is the reason that she ignores you…maybe she could not take your behavior anymore and sometimes girls can get out of a relationship with no explication if they feel like you would never change and treat her better ,one day they can become tired of this and just walk away …its not about being disperate or not but its about doing things right….if you did nothing wrong and she is ignoring could be because she had found someone else and feels guilty to give an explication….or the another version is that you treated her poorly and in her mind she was tired to argue and explain for the 1000 time what you are doing wrong and decided to move on….
Also is depends for how long you’ve been together and how you treated her during the period that you were dating…if nice then its good,if not nice then its bad….I think you have to realistic and honest with yourself and you will know why she is ignoring you……