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My little brother just tried to commit suicide today but thank god i managed to get him out of the rope when he’s choking and he’s at the hospital right now😔, I cannot understand him and how this world work.
For his happiness i suffered
When he got problem i listened to him
When he need someone i always came for him
When he’s at his lowest i cheered him, supported him.
But why tf does he always think that no one has been there for him at his Darkest, loneliest and saddest time at his life? Why tf when i check in his room i saw my little brother trying to take his life, what do i need to do in order for him just to be happy in this life? I always just tried my best just to make him happy. Why must i suffer like this? :'(i don’t know anymore i’m just like mentally broken right now. I don’t know what to do.

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Hey i’m so sorry
N trust me i feel him becoz currently i’m going through the same ….


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