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My little brother asked me if what should i do if i know that something bad is gonna happen in my life soon? And i answer him this “If you’re already aware of the bad things that’ll come then the best thing you could possibly do is to prepare for it, but while preparing for it. Make sure that you’re having fun doing it… Cause we don’t know what will happen next if that bad thing happens, that might be the end of your life. If you don’t want that bad things that you’re saying to badly effect your life like you became sad after it appeared, then take that thing as a challenge in life have fun challenging it. Take notes of the lesson that it taught you so you can avoid doing the same mistakes or some shit from happening again. You’re still to you have fun in life if you got problems i’m here for you i won’t let you fight your demons alone.” and he thank me after it and cry😆 he’s 15 and i’m 18 btw

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That was a very nice advice. Maybe he’s going through something. Thank you for being such a nice sibling to him :)


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