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My life sucks. It’s been a year since my girlfriend left me and I still can’t move on. She was like my first love, everything to me. I wasted my entire year crying for her. I didn’t do well in my boards and I think I’m gonna mess up my entrance too. I’m good for nothing. Nobody gives a fuck about me & I don’t think I have a good future.

Post anonymously?

one year is long enough time to heal,ok just think,how about clearing the exam and then purposing her again.aint this fun!!hmm!!


Yeahh… Thanks… Forget about proposing, I won’t go back to that person ever!


Hey listen I know what you are going through me and this one girl were dating for a couple years until I had to move and the long distance wasn’t working out it took me a while to get over her im bi expert but personally I would recommend getting a pet whether it’s a fish or a dog you will feel depended on again and feel the undying love of a dog or other pet I would recomend a labrador or another big lovable dog like that if your into that but if where you live doesnt allow it try getting like a fish or hamster just the feeling of being needed for your pets very survival helps with a break up trust me or dont it’s your life


I’ll surely take your advise… Thanks dude! 😃


Hey there’s nothing wrong in missing them but you have to understand that one person does not makes you who you are and specially not makes your life any less. I understand love is tricky but remember that you meet a lot of people in your life at every step you will meet new people. You had your one year of grief. Your one relationship does not define your life. You definitely have a great future you just have to push yourself and think that it’s your life , your individual life . Relationships are supposed to part of your life not your whole life. Okay? You deserve happiness and everything good in life. Accept that she’s gone and think about yourself now! I hope you get all the strength to do that 😃


Heyy… Thank you so much for your kind words! 😃