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My husband has to leave to another city for his job. I can’t be without him especially with my in laws. He doesn’t want to take me or my daughter (5 years) along. He wants me to stay in this city and care for my in laws and he wants our daughter to grow up around them.

I am simply not able to digest this and live through it …

Please advice please help. Someone please say something.

I have been feeling miserable for 24 hours now and can’t stop crying since 3 hours now…


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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Communication between your in laws might work. How about slowly and steadily you talk to your husband about moving with him and his parents as you really miss him. And want him to be on your side and also, for your daughter to have the love from his father too while she is growing up as that is very important as well. Take your time, don’t feel sad and relax. Try to talk it out in a good way and I hope it helps :) Take care and don’t cry as your daughter is really looking at you right now, as she is missing the father support as well.


Has he told you why he doesn’t want you to go. Can’t all of you go together along with your inlaws. Surely he can work something out for all his family to be together. Wishing you so much luck xx


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