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Domestic AbuseThought

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Stephanie @snelson378

My husband always says I said something that I didn’t or he will say are you really this stupid. Or your talking makes my brain hurt. He says this in front of the kids or he will say “Sam ( our 11 yr old daughter) are you recording what your mom is saying or did you hear that”? Tonight he said that I was mumbling about what he watched on tv the night before while I was at a concert with the kids. I just turned the TV on for the light as the room was dark and he starts throwing a fit over what he thinks he heard

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yash khatri @yash777

I think u should solve this issue camly

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yash khatri @yash777

First sit together alone without kids and then sort it out and say him to help you .
I think it will be best

koro @koroisbored

oh my god you don’t deserve that. i’m so sorry. i would say try having a civil conversation with your husband if he’s willing to listen and communicate, if not i would suggest taking space and considering what you want to do

Stephanie @snelson378

I tried but he told me I good f off and sleep on the sofa. I told him he could go if I upset him so much. Now he’s sleeping and im hurt left with my thoughts as to why I’m still putting up with this after 6 yrs.

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Stephanie @snelson378

Thank you all. 6 yrs ago we were at each other’s necks and drinking. We were renting waiting for our new home to close when tensions ran high. We were at each other. He doesn’t work and I was tired of being the only person working and trying to make ends meet. We have a family of 6 and its hard. Long story short, I drank too much, him not drinking anything that night oddly as he’s at least a 6 drink a night person, ended up calling the cops on my mad and emotional self. I was arrested for a dv. 2 days later I came home. He went to a lawyer to see about divorce. 4 days later my then 6 yr old only girl was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I had to get strong. He was not there as a shoulder to cry on. I was very alone. I felt like God was trying to humble us. Yet still to this day he’s unchanged. He is a factual person who acts like he’s superior. If I suggest anything else im just dumb. Life sucks!! In all of this my middle child said they were transgender and gay. The shit we endure to make us stronger sometimes sucks

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Ujjwal @ujjwals

Such a bad behaviour you are tolerating 😔😔


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