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My highschool boyfriend and I reconnected after many years and have been having an almost 2 year affair. We talk about everything, say I love you, and talk about an eventual future together. Our passion is incredible as well. I am married no kids. He is married- 2 young kids. He still seems to love his lifestyle and he ADORES his kids. I have always been really respectful of that and never asked for more than what we have now. 2 weeks ago, he made a social media post “ luckiest man alive” with a photo montage of him and his wife and kids. I got really sad after watching it. I cried on the phone with him that afternoon and just said that maybe I’m keeping him from being fully happy with his family. He said I was being ridiculous and that we would talk the next day (he is overseas for work). We haven’t spoken since. I reach out with a message or two every day and get radio silence with the exception of 1 message- about a week ago- I said “am I still your girl?” He said “yes. But I don’t f**** want to talk to you this week.” I have continued to try to reach out just saying things like- I miss you, I’m sorry, etc. I am so broken and miss him so much. He is a former green beret and has a pretty good ability to emotionally compartmentalize. What should I do? I feel like he is my soulmate and I am crumbling.

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So sad to know how people romanticize and messup their lives because of these flings. Keep him as friend if you wish and at an arms length. You guys are literally messing up your life


Don’t do that to your partner. It isn’t right. I won’t sugar coat it and make it seem like what you’re doing is excusable. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Stop it and be better for your partner or let your partner go so that he can find better for himself.


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