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My heart Breaks 💔

For anyone who lays in bed and wonders why they weren’t enough for the person they would give the world too.

You know why does it breaks? coz I’m one of them.


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The opposite person as well should feel same, just giving is our thing rest is in the hands of opposite person soo just hold on , if the reaction is positive everyone happy, if not just move on.


Well did that and the opposite person felt the same… I can confidently say that. But anyways still wasn’t enough


Then why do you want to over react to a person, when you know it’s not enough take what they giving and don’t expect more, think in a way that that’s the utmost they can give and adjust with that.

Expectation always makes one sad.
The moment you stop expecting you start living


That’s actually a lie… Expectations are a part of human… The person who say they doesn’t have expectations… They are actually lying to themselves.

I dont expect from people who I did and they made me sad. I have stopped expecting from them at all, if they do something kind for me, I am happy but otherwise no…coz I start expecting again and they again fail me, I would be miserable again.