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Piano Schubert @pianoschub...

My girlfriend talks to me about other men all the time. She even gives me sexual details of how she was addicted sexually to them. I feel like I suck next to every other man. Also my penis is smaller than every other guy she’s been with

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ughfuck @kyosan


bro is that all about in your relationship? It doesn’t matter whatever that thing of yours is like literally it doesn’t. If someone really like/loves you it wouldn’t matter to them. If she talks about her past experiences and you feel uncomfortable with it then you can just tell her, communication is the key!


You are jealous of them…
But if u look from her perspective side, it’s not technically her fault. It feels like u haven’t been showing the love and care for some time and she is trying to seek your attention to love her. Maybe take her out for a date or bring her some flowers to lighten her mood up. Maybe she will stop saying about this on her own.
And girls don’t even care about your d**k size so be chilled about it.


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