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My girlfriend recently broke up with me with the biggest reason being that we’re going to go off to college and start a new chapter in our life, but we’re ending it on a weird note of being friends and being optimistic that we will be able to reconnect after college and have a good life together. I don’t know how I feel about this and I’m heartbroken, I wish we could still be together. What are some other people’s opinions?

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It is completely alright to feel heartbroken. Stay strong and always believe that everything happens for a reason. I know it is really hard to accept the fact and move on but in the end it all ends perfect. If she truly loves you she will came back. If not you surely deserve better.


I can understand this completely me and my boyfriend broke up for the same reason. It is completely understandable why you would be feeling heartbroken, keep in mind that love is unpredictable. and You never know what might come from you guys staying friends and then gaining your relationship back after college. I know it’s hard to face the fact that you no longer are with the love of your life but I promise you will be okay. Keep your head up! I hope everything works out with you and your girlfriend.


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