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My girlfriend is suffering from depression since 2 long years. She is not ready to talk to a therapist and doesn’t take medication prescribed by psychiatrist. Only person she share things with is me and I’ve to bear all of that anger, frustration and sadness and it has become tough for me to tackle with all this.

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Hey …Like a normal person let her know that you are there for her.
She needs lot of pamper and care from u as u are the onlu constant at moment and she think if something goes wrong then u are the last straw and she will have nothing .you need to treat her like as u always did.
Encourage your gf. To eat well sleep well & meditation and exercise really help.
Figure out for what reason she is getting depressed.
Make sure your gf doesnt spend much time with negative toxic people ,who make her feel bad , worthless .
I wish you guys all the best …
Be change you want to see.thats it


Can understand your situation that negativity does drain on you. You can go to psychiatrist yourself for her and discuss how to answer her questions. You have a life in your hand my friend and this drain is better than regret, hope you get what I am saying.


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