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Vishal Reddy @being_rebel

My girl slept with many men, some known faces and some closed ones.

She was a baby when she slept first time with a man, he was indeed her hero, her father. Being wrapped in the safest strong arms cuddling with innocent love.

Then at her childhood after all the tiring days play she slept with her brother being careless of the awkward sleeping position.

Then in her middle age she slept with her male friends after all the party nights with a feeling of trust and comfortability. Then at the wedding nights she even slept with her male cousins with the sense of brotherhood.

Even today while she feels low she reaches her father’s bed to seek warmth in his arms and cry, so does every girl sleep with these men of her life with a feeling of security and comfort.

But not every girl that sleeps with men has sex with him. Sleeping with men doesn’t always mean having intimate physical relation.

Yes all girls sleep with multiple men.
So did my girl sleep with many men.

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True bhai


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