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My GF, who is also my best friend, cares too much about what other people thinks about her. And those people who does not care about her or bother about her, she adores it when they give her even a little bit of compliment. I have been by her side for a long time now and I saw how she was never treated well enough for her talents. So, I always made sure that I compliment her for things nobody else ever did. I thought she would at least acknowledge that my compliments mean something. Apparently, she has been taking all my compliments and support for granted. She thinks that as her boyfriend, I always admire her. But I do truly admire her not only because she is my GF, but also that she is doing something good. However, she thinks that the outsiders compliments matter most to her. I was hurt, a lot. I do not know if I am expecting too much. That she would bother. I have been by her side even when nobody was. I feel like I have been always taken for granted and it makes me feel so small.

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Hey there, I really do not think that you are expecting a lot. It is your right to get acknowledgement from her because you are really doing something good for her, not the other strangers. And the thing is that you need to tell her that. You need to explain it to her why what people say doesn’t really matter. You need to tell her that everything you say is for only her good and you wish to do no harm. If you don’t explain this important thing to her right now, she will get a habit of getting compliments from strangers which will be very bad for her. So please talk to her and make her understand.
You can do this. You got this is you. For her. For the both of you.
Please respond and tell me if I can do something else. Always here if you want any help Or just need somebody to talk to;)


Thank you so much for your kind words. I am trying to see how she feels about other aspects of our relationship and friendship. Then I am planning to have a talk with her. To be honest, sometimes I really feel unappreciated. She takes a lot for granted. I wish she was not like that.


Glad that i could be of some help. of course take your time and talk to her only when you feel right. Always her:)


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