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crisp monkey @crisp_melody...

My gf is scared that i dont have any emotional quotient left for her . I hurt her unknowingly and not consoling enough.

Please suggest how can i be consoling enough when the only means of communication is texts , calls and the situation is already tense since i have caused her pain.

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You are a gem 💎💙🧿

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Harmanpreet K. @harmanpree...

Hey mate,
I got you. First of all, we don’t console anyone in a relationship. We always empathise and understand that person(which comes naturally). Secondly, before everything, should apologise for everything that happened in the past, and try to be soft with her. Because as humans we do not respect that person who is always available for us.
I hope this brings some clarity. For further guidance. you can always book a session.
Harmanpreet K


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