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My frnds are not talking to me bcos i was egnoring them for a while there was a strong reason why i did, a lot of things was going into my mind mentallity physically i was not happy with my self. They think i got a guy thats why i egnoring them But it’s not true
& i just tell one of my frnd that i used to talk to a guy for fun in this app for some days.
Then she might said to the other frnd .
Idk…they didnt wish me. Its my bday.
I am not sad that they didnt wish me but i dont want to share my personal family issues to themwhich they keep on asking me .idk why they are interested in it like gossiping (it might be my fault little i should nt be initiated this i regret)
Lesson i learnt : never ever share family problem to your frnd no matter how close she is

I Just HATE theM.

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