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Karishma @karishma0

My friend’s brother passed away in a car accident recently. We were not close or anything but I obviously knew him. It had quite an impact on me personally, in the sense that you realise how human and mortal you are. I can’t even imagine how his family would’ve coped with it.

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Abha @abha

I can relate to you on this. My classmate’s brother passed away a few years back and even though i did not know him personally, i recall being very disturbed because of the entire situation for months. It got better over time. Accepted it. Still bothers me sometimes to think about her and her family but then somehow you learn to make peace with it over time.


That’s so sad

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

That is so sad! A relative of mine recently passed away too. I guess we should look at such moments in life as learning moments. They help us contemplate and perceive things better in the future.


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