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My friend recently told me that she was cancelling her Halloween party due to having a family emergency. However, Ive spoken to a few people who were also invited but she has not told them that it was cancelled. She also created a Facebook event for the party and hasn’t posted on that to say it’s cancelled. I don’t want to doubt her but I’ve got this feeling like I’m the only one she’s told it’s cancelled and that she doesn’t actually want me there but invited me in the first place because she felt obligated to. Is there anything I can do? What can do I??

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Hey, it’s November 1 as I write this, so I’m sure by now you already know the verdict of whether or not that party actually took place. But even the fact that you had to doubt her words and feel like you might be left out speaks volumes about the kind of friendship this is. I don’t want to be hateful towrads her, but literally people need to start differentiating between acquaintance-ship and friendship, because honestky this ain’t no way to treat a friend. It’s just bad manners. Quit being rude. -.- Just know that how someone behaves is a reflection of their character. And that you don’t need to upset your peace of miind for such people.


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